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  • Helping with the Laundry

    Isn’t it fantastic when you’ve got one of those really awful household chores to do and someone offers to give you a hand? Well, imagine if your fur baby was the one to be that “someone”? These kitties all seem to think they’re doing just that, but may have actually only succeeded in looking cute!

    p.s. Please don’t forget to check your machine before starting with the load! Continue reading

  • Field Frolicks

    Who doesn’t love the smell of spring, fresh grass, and beautifully aromatic flowers? It’s enough to make one feel carefree, happy, and maybe even indulge in a crazy romp through the fields! These cuties certainly seem to be enjoying the glorious weather and flora and are taking full advantage. Continue reading

  • Where Can I Get a Drink Around Here?

    It’s been a long day and you’re dying of thirst, I think you deserve that well-earned drink. Whether your choice is water, juice, an icy beer, or a crisp chardonnay, when you need a drink there’s nothing quite like quenching that drought…and as you can see from these pics, we’re not the only ones that enjoy a refreshing beverage. Continue reading

  • Is It Bedtime Yet?

    It’s late at night, your soft, cosy bed is calling you, and you’ve got a massive case of “the yawns”. I think it’s time to visit the ‘land of nod’…but before you go ask yourself, “is it true that yawning is contagious”? You be the judge, but see if you can get through these pics without a yawn or two! Continue reading

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