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  • Unbe-leaf-ably Cute pt 1

    Autumn, that wonderful time of year when the weather gets a little crisp and the trees turn those glorious hues of red and gold. They also drop a lot of leaves, and those leaves make a wonderful place to play – these cuties are all taking full advantage of the crunchy fun! Continue reading

  • Sharing is Caring

    As children we are all taught the value of sharing and the relevance of it as we grow and mature. We learn that making friends is important and that thinking of others as well as yourself is far-reaching in its benefits. These animals all show how special those actions’ outcomes can be. Continue reading

  • Surrogate Parents

    We’re all aware of just how challenging the role of a parent can be, so when someone, or in this case something, comes along and voluntarily assumes the position of a surrogate, it is an extremely special occurrence indeed. The following are just such acts of incredible love and altruism. Continue reading

  • At Your Service

    Hand up if you like puppies. Now hand up if you think uniforms can look really good. So what if the two were combined and you got to look at super-adorable puppies in uniform? Well, sit back and enjoy these gorgeous pups that I don’t think you’d mind getting arrested by. Continue reading

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