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  • Zen Foxes pt 1


    Roeselien Raimond is a Dutch photographer living in the Netherlands. Having initially started her career photographing the inhabitants of the micro cosmos, she was later enamoured by the Red Fox. Roeselien explains “Zen Foxes are fully ‘in the moment’, as if they invented mindfulness themselves”. Continue reading

  • Bathtime!


    Hands up who enjoys a good long soak in the tub? The bubbles, the warm water, perhaps some candles and aromatherapy oils? Sounds like a fabulous evening to me! These gorgeous animals all seem to really enjoy a bath too and are relishing every moment.

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  • All Aglow


    Bioluminescence is a truly incredible wonder of the natural world, and it is estimated that 90% of deep-sea creatures possess this characteristic. The purpose is believed to be camouflage, attracting mates, or scaring off predators. I’m just happy to look at them and marvel at their beauty.

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  • Not Quite Twinning


    Twins are an incredible occurrence and happen throughout the animal kingdom…these animals, however, are not quite there! They might look almost identical, if it weren’t for the fact they are not of the same species! That doesn’t stop them from trying, and looking incredibly cute whilst doing so.

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